Experienced, Tech-savvy and Go-getter Virtual Assistant - *wink*

Ditch the to-do list, I'm your 24/7 Virtual assistant! Graphic Designing, CRM management, Social media marketing, Google my business optimization, and administrative tasks – I handle it all, freeing you to focus on what truly matters. Think of me as your tireless, tech-savvy right-hand person, always learning and evolving to better serve you. Give me a try and discover the power of Vitrtual assistance – you might be surprised how much I can help!

I am a seasoned professional Virtual Assistant with three years of extensive experience spanning across a diverse array of responsibilities.

My expertise encompasses Graphic Designing, where I bring creativity and precision to every project, ensuring visually captivating outcomes. Additionally, I excel in CRM management, adept at navigating platforms like GoHighLevel to streamline processes and enhance client relationships.

My proficiency extends to Social Media Marketing, where I craft strategic campaigns to drive engagement and foster brand growth. Moreover, I am well-versed in Google My Business optimization, leveraging its features to maximize online visibility and attract potential customers.

Alongside these specialized skills, I am proficient in handling administrative tasks with efficiency and attention to detail. With a strong foundation in these areas, I am committed to delivering exceptional results and contributing to the success of your projects.

Go high level CRM

As a GoHighLevel CRM Specialist, I excel in leveraging the platform's capabilities to optimize sales, marketing, and customer management. My skills include creating funnels, executing email and SMS marketing campaigns, managing appointments, and automating workflows. I set up triggers, generate reports, and drive lead generation efforts effectively. Additionally, I utilize social media management tools and build websites to enhance online presence. Overall, I deliver comprehensive solutions that drive business growth and success.


Google my business optimization

As a Google My Business (GMB) Specialist, I excel in optimizing listings for accuracy, managing visual content, and engaging with customers through reviews and updates. I leverage GMB features to drive business growth, utilizing insights to refine strategies and ensure competitiveness in local search results. With a solid grasp of local SEO and a commitment to continuous learning, I enhance online visibility and foster customer engagement to drive success in the digital sphere.


Video Editing

As a Video Editor, I possess a diverse skill set, adept at transforming raw footage into engaging visual content. From assembling footage and following scripts to integrating sound and graphics, I ensure a seamless editing process. With expertise in digital splicing, synchronization, and color correction, I deliver polished edits that captivate audiences and effectively convey messages.


Social Media Management

As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I excel in crafting tailored strategies to drive brand engagement and conversions across platforms. I create compelling content, engage with audiences authentically, and leverage analytics to optimize campaigns continuously. By staying abreast of trends and collaborating closely with teams, I ensure cohesive messaging and tangible business results.


Graphic Designing

As a Graphic Designer, I bring a blend of artistic creativity and technical proficiency to create visually compelling designs across various mediums. My expertise extends to conceptualizing innovative design ideas that effectively communicate messages and resonate with target audiences, whether it's branding materials, advertisements, or digital content. Overall, I combine technical expertise with creative flair to craft compelling visual experiences that effectively communicate messages to target audiences.

  • Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, Philippines